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Key factors for building online job profile.

For job seekers, a good resume is very important. Your resume speaks everything about your

personality and the hard work you have done all over the years. It is the first thing that the recruiter

ask for .Therefore your resume should be built in a proper format. For offline or campus

recruitment, you can make your resume by using any templates or format. But when you sign up for

online job profile sites, they provide you with a resume builder where templates or format is

provided and you just have to fill up the details. Mostly we all awaits for calls or emails from their

side after building our profile, but many of us don’t know that there are certain points that need to

considered while building a profile for online job profile sites. Neglecting these factors will grade

your profile as poor and this is the reason you fail to receive any revert from their side.

Therefore to avoid this scenario, here are some of the key factors that should be considered while

creating your profile.

1. Always make sure that your job profiles are 100% filled i.e. all the fields must be updated.

2. Don’t isolate your preference to a single location. Initially be ready to relocate yourself.

3. Don’t restrict yourself to particular job destination or prefer only single language. For

example” you have done java and you will only go for java interviews” This should not be the

attitude. Be ready to appear for all drives and interviews.

4. Job profiles headlines and skillsets should be properly framed.

5. Give a professional mail id in your profile.

6. Make sure your profile is not poor, that is it does not contain any grammatical error

.Example misspellings, typos, etc.

7. Your job profile should contain right keyword for the job as automated resume management

tracking systems knocks those resumes out of contention immediately.

8. Mention all the skillsets that would grab the recruiter’s attention.

9. Apart from mail ids also mention you’re active LinkedIn id.

10. Mention about all the projects you have worked for and the certification you have.

11. Don’t hesitate to upload you picture if you are asked for in you profile builder format.

So henceforth don’t forget to consider all the above points while creating your online profile. The online automated systems of the site sorts out the candidates by setting the above factors as the criteria of sorting. Hence don’t miss any opportunity of getting placed and make sure that you have fulfilled all the above explained points.

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