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Resume writing tips and tricks

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Resume is the reflection of a candidate’s personality and work done all over the years. When you appear for any interview, your resume creates an impression about you. Therefore your resume should be built in such a way that it speaks all that you want the interviewer to know about yourself.

  • Always save your resume with your name and in PDF format. Keep your resume as short as

  • possible. Try to keep it within one page or maximum of one and half page.

  • Put only technologies which you know and projects you have done. Even if you are adding

  • some extra stuff, make sure that you have some basic knowledge about it so that you could

  • answer the related questions.

  • Focus on the technical skills and project you have done.

  • If you have an account in different online job tracking sites, then be sure that all the fields

  • of the resume are completely filled that are present in the resume builder.

  • Mention all those achievements that you want the interviewer to know about you

  • Avoid negativity. Manipulate words to express even you weaknesses.

  • Never add any kind of pictures in resume. Keep it simple

  • Don’t flood your resume with only tables or text. Amalgamation of both would be better.

  • Make the design flow with white space.

  • Make sure that your resume is concise and to the point. It should be informal.

  • Resume sent to any HR must include

  • Subject: Should include which position of the organization you are applying for.

  • Body: a short description in 2 lines about yourself, technical knowledge and pass

  • out year.

  • Footer: name, number and email id.

Some key points that should be considered while creating a resume are as follows:

  1. Your resume should include

  2. Objective

  3. Academic profile

  4. Certification (if any)

  5. Projects

  6. Achievement(very important or outstanding

  7. Personal information

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