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Steps to pursue your dream career

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

We all have certain ambitions in life and have a vision of the kind of life we want to create and live. We set goals for ourselves and work accordingly in order to achieve what we wish for. But to pursue your dream career, the most crucial and initial step is to find out things that you dream of doing.

May it be a small dream or a big, but it should be long term goal and one that makes you happy. The answer to the question “What is my dream career?” or “What is the thing that I am good at?” is not easy to answer but it is not that difficult either. You should always keep analyzing yourself, be an observant and try to find out things that you like to do.

Following steps may help you to understand how you can get answers to queries that keep looping in your mind when it comes to choosing your dream career.

1) Determine your passion: In our day to day life, there are so many activities that we perform. But not all of them makes you feel happy. Therefore it is mandatory to discover the things that you love doing, things that you are passionate about, things in which you are always willing to invest all what you have and sacrifice all your comfort. Choose a career that you love and you will never get tired of your work. Therefore channelize your thoughts in proper direction and discover your passion that can be your future career. For guidance you can take help from career councilor, your mentors or seniors.

2) Vision your ideal life: Aim to create a life that you never want a break from. No matter whether you build an empire by making your passion, your career or get paid for doing what you love, but our vision always motivates us to push our limits and explore more. Always dream big. The bigger is your dream, the more you work to achieve it.

3) Prepare a long term goal: Once you discover your passion, next is to devise a long term goal plan. Pursuing your dream career is all about how you plan your first step. Prepare a proper activity chart that you will have to perform, the milestones need to be achieved, work flow, break down structure of stages, etc. and then start working on it. Plan your work to become someone, not to acquire something.

4) Be focused on your goals: Being focused is essential as it helps to complete all the tasks and activities in an appropriate manner. When the goal is short term, it is a bit easy to focus but when it is a long term goal, the probability of going off track is much higher. Therefore you need to stay calm and have faith in yourself. The best way is to have patience and inhabit a positive attitude towards progress as well as failure. Remember, staying focused is all about playing with your mind as it is said, “A mind covered with doubts cannot focus on victory”.

5) Learn to handle failure: There is no one in this world who have never experienced failure. In fact, failure is a crucial part of life because it teaches us the value of success. Impact of failure depends on our attitude towards it. Once there is a backlog, find out the reason behind it, opt for a solution and go for all the possible measures you can to cope up with it. So always handle failure with positive attitude. It helps us to move on rather than getting stuck with it. The above steps are like your career staircase which will step by step head you towards your dream career. Always have “If I can DREAM it, I can DO it” kind of attitude. You may find your passion, you may discover your goals but for turning your vision into reality you need to be self-motivational, focused, determinant, confident and neutral. Just remember, your future depends on what you do today .So always give your best.

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