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Tips for writing Cover Letter.

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

A creative and best cover letter is the best way to outstand yourself amongst the sea of job

seeking heads. A majority of us send emails to the company and HR for recruitment. Only

resume is not all that they require. Even the cover letter plays a vital role. A cover letter is

mandatory as it helps the hiring manager to sort out the irrelevant candidates then and


Why cover letter is important?

A cover letter helps you to target the job and the employer in a very specific way, which

gives the employer a small idea about who you are. It provides individual another

opportunity how he/she could contribute to the company and fulfil the obligations of the

position. Therefore a cover letter should be appropriate and impressive. Below are few

points that you should consider while writing a cover letter:

1) Don’t rewrite your resume: Use your cover letter to highlight your interest, curiosity and

emphasize on your skill. Do not write everything again which is already mentioned in your

resume as your cover letter will just be an explanatory medium of who you are.

2) Keep it short and simple: Avoid big paragraphs and lengthy contents. Your letter should

be straight, simple and on point and also short as much as possible.

3) Do not Address anyone: You don’t know the gender of the person you are sending mail

to .Therefore don’t address anybody in the mail. Instead you can address saying “To whom

so ever” or “To the hiring manager”.

4) Add a Headline: Headlines are more likely to grab the person’s attention and this will

speak in your favour. Use headlines like “3 reasons why I am perfect for this job”.

5) Don’t start with your personal details: Your resume already consist of your personal

details. So there is no need of mention them. Instead try to highlight all your skills as much

as possible.

6) Be true to the company: Don’t over exaggerate things or try to sell yourself. Just be true

to yourself and the hiring person. Mentions things that you know and let your resume speak

the rest.

7) Go for second opinion: It is always good to have a second opinion. Ask the correct person

to once go through your letter and get it checked and corrected thoroughly.

Refer the above points and keep in mind while writing your cover letter. Your cover letter

should be focused, short and straight that should outline you from other candidates. You

can also refer templates available or take someone’s help.

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